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Use this method when you attach objects to a context and need to also attach the link between the two.

If you are defining a new relationship, you should instead use Add Link.

Marks a link that the context is tracking for deletion when the Save Changes method is called.

Use this method when you delete a related object or change a relationship by first deleting the link to an existing object and then adding a link to the new related object.

You can also call Add Object, but you must instead supply the entity set name.

If the added entity has one or more relationships to other entities, you can either use the Add Related Object method or use one of the previous methods and also explicitly define those links.

Notifies the context of an existing link between two entity objects.

You can also save changes asynchronously by using the Begin Save Changes and End Save Changes methods.

One Drive will soon support external sharing without requiring a Microsoft account. One Drive for Android and i OS is getting a nice UI overhaul as well, with the ability to see what content has been shared with others, who has accessed which content, and more. The One Drive sync client will now be included with Office for Mac.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 can take a considerable amount of time - up to an hour on many computers - to install.

Additionally, when you open an Office document on the web, it will open in Edit mode now.

And you can open ZIP files and pull out individual files now. One Drive will sport a nice new Share interface on Windows, Mac, and Web.

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